Maria was guiding me through a difficult phase in my life

Maria was guiding me through a difficult phase in my life, helping me to find my way through the emotional cliffs during the separation of my long-standing partner. Through her wise and empathic guidance she showed me a path to work through my inner wounds and guilt. She encouraged me to find out who I am and how to find more and more love for myself. Her gift to envelope and immerse me in divine frequencies and comforting angels, calmed my troubled heart and gave me the feeling of being loved.

I thank Maria from the depth of my heart for her miracle bringing work – literally. I am deeply touched by her joy to help people.

Magdalena W., Germany

Maria hat mich in einer schwierigen Phase meines Lebens begleitet…

Maria hat mich in einer schwierigen Phase meines Lebens begleitet. Sie hat mich durch die emotionalen Klippen meiner Trennung von meiner langjährigen Partnerin gesteuert. Auf ihre weise und mitfühlende Art hat sie mir Wege gezeigt, mit meinen Verletzungen und meinen Schuldgefühlen umzugehen. Sie hat mich darin gestärkt, herauszufinden, wer ich bin und immer mehr die Liebe zu mir selbst zu finden. Ihre Gabe, mich in göttliche Frequenzen einzutauchen und mir liebende und tröstende Engel zur Seite zu stellen, hat mein wundes Herz beruhigt und mir das Gefühl gegeben, dass ich geliebt bin.

Ich danke Maria von Herzen für ihre wunderbringende Arbeit – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Ich bin tief berührt von ihrer Freude daran, Menschen zu helfen.

Magdalena W., Germany

Maria creates a sacred healing space…

“Maria welcomed me warmly and heartful in our session, which made it easy for me to relax, to trust and open my heart. I felt her undivided attention and loving appreciation during the whole session. Maria creates a sacred, just through this presence, healing space.

To all the themes I brought to our session Maria gave me very valuable and helpful reflections and messages, which concerned my inner child and were also opening the context to other spiritual realms. New impulses complemented what I perceived in myself.

The prayer, which she spoke for me at the end, enveloped and surrounded me with divine frequencies, which touched my heart deeply. Even today, a couple days later, I still feel held, comforted and guided by that.
I am very grateful for the experience Maria provided for me.”

Christina H., Germany

This session was one of the most nourishing experiences I ever had…

“Thinking of my prayer session with Maria not only fills me with joy, but recalls a feeling of warmth and connectedness within me. With her calm and loving presence Maria creates a sacred and safe space where every feeling and every thought is welcome. I felt really seen by her. Her intuition goes right to the core. When Maria spoke the very personal prayer for me, weaving in my dearest wishes, I felt like I was sitting in a love-bath, and a space opened and expanded in me; peaceful and quiet. This session was one of the most nourishing experiences I ever had. It deeply touched my heart, my soul, and my being human.
Through a traumatizing experience in my teenage years I lost trust in a divine being. I miss it. With her own connection to the divine, speaking this prayer for me, it feels like Maria helped me to clear some of the thickest fog, making the path back to my own experience of the divine palpable. Thank you so much for this unique and healing experience, Maria!”

Sibylle Z.

I feel much more relaxed since the session…

“The sound healing session with Maria has moved me on many levels. Maria is very intuitive, she sensed what I needed. She is very emphatic and spacious. This opened a space in me where I could connect with my guardian angels and it also allowed Maria’s prayer to be fully absorbed in my heart. I feel much more relaxed since the session.
I can highly recommend this healing work with Maria, words can not really describe the experience.”


Maria really connects from heart to heart…

“I needed support for a personal issue and asked Maria for a prayer session. I knew her before and her special connection to other realms. The session touched me very much. Maria really connects from heart to heart and I deeply trust her. During her prayer I felt loved and cared for. And it changed my relationship to prayer, which is profound since I used to struggle a lot with praying for myself.”

Frank F., Germany

I left feeling renewed and full of faith…

“Maria is a true healer. In our session, I experienced the presence of many angels surrounding and supporting me. Her messages for me were meaningful and helped me to feel the peace of my higher self and the support of Source. I left feeling renewed and full of faith to continue on the path of my heart. She is a divine feminine practitioner of the highest order and I highly recommend her.”

Adena Tryon

I can highly recommend Maria’s services for anyone…

“When I had my session with Maria, I felt so much invited into a quiet, love filled space, in which I can just say and feel everything without being judged or questioned about what I share. For me, her loving presence, her calming voice, as well as her very palpable connection to the Divine was balm for my soul and reminded me of my own innate connection with the divine. Her prayer, which she formulated after we spoke about the life issues I was asking support for, found its way deep into my being and resonated there with me. The beauty of the prayer she offered me is something I can recall over and over again by just remembering that I can always ask the Divine for support and guidance. I can highly recommend Maria’s services for anyone who is seeking for her/his own, very personal, individual connection with her/his own divinity.”

Christina P.

I felt how we are all held by this love…

“Maria’s prayer for my unborn child was one of the most beautiful gifts I could receive during my pregnancy. I felt a bigger love then my personal one love this little child. I felt how we are all held by this love, that my child was already perfectly taken care of in its essential nature, and that I just need to be there and nurture this already blessed being.”

A. Spasic

What a beautiful and magical experience…

“What a beautiful and magical experience to feel the different frequencies resonate in my body and being. I went to a New Years Eve ceremony with Maria and her crystal bowls, and got taken on a sound journey, and into a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation. It was the perfect way to start the New Year! I can see how any ceremony could benefit from these beautiful sounds that connect you to yourself.”

A. Spasic