Prayer can transform your burden, worries and fears into possibility, trust and self-love.

“Prayer from the heart can achieve what nothing else in the world can.”
— Mahatma Ghandi

Prayer is our oldest form of healing medicine. It is very popular and university studies (2004 Rochester University) have shown that 85 percent of people facing a serious disease pray. It is perhaps the most deeply human response to disease, relieving suffering by some mechanism not yet fully understood.

In my experience, prayer is a very personal and intimate expression and an ongoing conversation that connects us to the Infinite, the Universe, the Divine Mother and Father, Spirit, God or whatever word you call Source.

Prayer is a place to turn within, to acknowledge ourselves as the emotional human beings we are with all our feelings, difficulties, struggles, and to learn to communicate those feelings with an all-loving Source, who is always listening and waiting to compassionately support us at all times. Thus praying is reaching for help from a higher power to put our life into perspective. There is no right or wrong way to pray, there is only the relief when we open ourselves to that much love. Therefore prayer has the ability to lift burdened energy to a sense of lightness and greater possibility. It pierces the isolation some of us live in.
Prayer can be an intimate daily communion with the Divine, a place to grow within ourselves as we honestly speak from our heart and grow trust in a greater power. It is a way we can enact our free will of choice and move towards the choice of no choice, the ultimate surrender to the Divine.

In prayer space, we can find more of ourselves and our divinity as we clear our channel to our Divine Mother and Father, who is waiting for us to enter the space of direct communication. The Divine offers an alive connection to each of us.

You simply need to develop your ability to access this place of meditation. I can join you in this sacred space as someone who will walk with you, praying for your journey. We can face your deep feelings and worries together. This can be a very sacred experience, a huge relief and deep healing.
Prayer is a place where we put our most inner feelings in front of the Divine, to ask for help and guidance on how to approach our life.

Prayer is our first language.

It is the language of love.

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