Spiritual Counseling Session

“But if these years have taught me anything it is this: You can never run away. Not ever. The only way out is in.”

— Junot Diaz

“Love is the only healer there is and the force of all life.”

— Maria

As a spiritual counselor, I see and feel you as a spiritual being with a sacred heart who is having a human experience on earth. I offer a safe, loving and caring space, where I invite you to bring all of yourself, your joy, heartache, and challenges. I am there to listen with my heart. Together we can explore what you truly desire for your life. I can help you expand this vision of what is possible and actively work with you to release and heal what is keeping you from living your heart’s desire. The inner voices and feelings keeping you from living your heart’s desire are almost always the result of conditionings and situations in one’s early life. Parts of you may have been deeply wounded, cut off and exiled from the rest of you. It is time to know the places within you, which need your embrace and love. This is how healing occurs. Being the magnificent person you were born to be is not a matter of trying harder but a matter of loving yourself radically. Love is the only healer there is.
Benefits from your Spiritual Counseling Session may include:

  • Feeling of being restored and filled with peace
  • Deeper understanding of how your life circumstances are serving you
  • Knowing your next step on your path in your life
  • Healing of long-held emotional pain
  • Renewed sense of clarity and purpose
  • Identification and clearing of limiting beliefs and healing of their roots
  • Feeling of being loved and deeply cared for

To schedule a session with Maria, please click and purchase your desired session. I will get back to you to schedule a session at your convenience and send you a questionnaire to help me better understand how I can assist you in our time together.

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