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Holiday Blog 2017


Shine like the whole universe is yours.


Hello Beautiful Friends,

The Holidays are here.
This time of the year, light is what we seek as the days are sometimes grey and dark. It is a time where the outside lights can remind us of our innate light, the love we are filled with, even when we don’t feel or notice it always. It is that part of us filled with light, love and goodness that can never be touched by anything, not even the darkest experiences we may have had.
We remain that light. We are that lightWe are invited to shine our light into all the dark places we experience here on earth right now. The Holiday Season can be joyous and wonderful. It can also be challenging at times. Remember to be with and accept all the feelings that arise during these days and remember that you are the light. Let’s shine as bright as we can right here, right now in our families, neighborhoods, wherever we are. The world will change, one person at a time. You only need one light to brighten a dark room. Light is strong. We are strong.I wish you from the depth of my heart a time filled with love and light.
I want to thank you, who attended my crystal bowl evenings, and I want to thank all my clients I worked personally with throughout the year. I feel deeply honored to witness your strength, shifts and accompany you through your experiences. I treasure each and every one of you and hold you close to my heart.
For the New Year, I wish for you that all your heartfelt wishes come true and that you discover even more of who you already are.

Here is my gift to you:
A prayer I have written for you to thankfully complete this year and welcome the New Year 2018. I hope you find a quiet moment amidst the business of the next week to go inwards. I hope it resonates with you.

End of the year 2017 – Beginning of the year 2018 – Prayer

I am going inwards as I pray to my Divine Source at the end of 2017, thankful about everything I received and achieved, and on the leap to welcoming 2018 with all its new potential to arise.
I am thankful for all my experiences in this year, happy, joyful and uplifting ones, bringing me closer to myself, and helping me to step into the potential of who I am. 
I thank myself for being courageous and trustful, stepping forward even when it seemed impossible. Thank you to myself for who I am.  
My greatest accomplishment is who I already am, and that I am brave enough to take part in the orchestration of life here on earth. 
I remember that I am exactly where I need to be on my journey, even when it doesn’t feel like that to me. With self-forgiveness and acceptance of where I am, I will be able to walk easier into all the blessings of 2018.
And I thank you, Divine Source, for the Divine Guidance I received knowing- or unknowingly.

I am thankful also for all the experiences I attracted, from which I learned in an uncomfortable way, showing me places where I got stuck, and leading me out of my comfort zone to step more towards unknown places, may it have happened through helpers as people crossing or leaving my path or situations I had to solve. Thank you for both ways of helping me to grow, by offering me all the uplifting experiences as well as the valuable, difficult experiences I sometimes need to grow.
I thank my guides, all my close people, who compassionately accompanied me and helped me walk on my path.  

I also thank Mother Earth for holding and nurturing me through this experience, for giving me a home while I am here to become who I am, to grow on all levels: emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Without your never-ending bountiful providence, Mother Earth, I wouldn’t be able to have this human experience as soul here on earth in this realm: 
I thank the water in all its forms: flowing or still, 
The sun for its warmth and light, 
The moon, shining light into dark places,
The stars with their magical powers of the night,
The plants for all their amazing fruits, beautiful flowers and leaves, 
The animal friends, 
The nurturing soil,  
The air to breathe, which is love and always there even when I don’t notice it, the space around me is love, as divine source is love.  Thank you for all this around me. 
I am kindly invited to wake up to it and take it in – every day.

Help me to let go of what doesn’t serve me in my greatest potential any more, help me to let go of suffering, of patterns or beliefs, and values as well as may be relationships which are not helpful for me any more on my way to who I already am. 
Help me to let go of what doesn’t serve me anymore.

Help me to open my heart towards all the blessings I am so worthy of, awaiting me in 2018, to step into my unlimited divine nature and to live from this place of love.  
Help me to see the new golden opportunities to grow.
Help me to take these possibilities to step into my highest potential in 2018.
And strengthen me when there are little obstacles, sometimes appearing as seemingly huge mountains on my way towards my highest potential.
Help me to climb the mountain I sometimes need to climb to reach my goals. 
Please be there in a magical way with divine solutions when it seems like I can’t go one step further.
I know you are guiding me; all the helpers are there seen and unseen. 
Help me to listen to your guidance, to open my inner ears to your wisdom. I sometimes seem to not hear it, as it is so loud in my heart and mind to listen deeply. 

Help me to create the space I need to listen to my heart and guidance I already have within me, to my higher self, my true divine self within me, who already knows all the answers and has all the wisdom.
Let me always be aware of your love, the love I am made of, and the love within me.
Bless me in all ways.


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All my love