I am deeply honored and thank you for this gift…

“When I heard from Maria that she is offering spiritual counseling including the prayer I was excited and curious. Including prayer in a session was something I really loved to experience.
After she had asked, heard and felt and we spoke about my needs, wishes and questions for myself, she invited me to close my eyes and started her prayer.
It was stunning, how sacred I felt in that moment, connecting to my inner source, soul and essence and feeling the magic of the prayer through Marias’ voice and words. How she included everything I had told her and asked for, each burden or light in my heart.
The prayer felt like transforming my personal experience to a sacred moment, deeply connecting personal love and sacred love.
Even after we ended this experience, inside of me it did not end.
It is supporting me in my daily life; I deeply honor and thank you for this gift, Maria!
You are able to create and evoke those magic moments, which are living in everybody, but often forgotten and waiting to wake up. I feel and know that you are very sensitive in guiding others to find their inner doubts, questions & truths in themselves.
You have reminded me of my own powerful inner prayer, that is precious.”