Vibration is everything because everything is vibration.

Sound therapy is an ancient form of healing. In modern times, it has been re-discovered as a powerful tool for restoring health and well being.
Crystal singing bowls are made of quartz crystal and they store, amplify, transfer, and transmute energy. Healing sound is simply an energetic vibration.

Vibrational sound healing is based on the scientific principle that all matter: cells, tissues, organs, connective tissue and muscles, vibrate to a precise frequency. By using a resonant healing vibration, balance can be restored to body, mind, and soul.

When using crystalline sound vibration, energy is able to go to where it is needed. The vibration can dissolve physical tension and blockages in energy flow in the chakras, mental and emotional bodies.

Water conducts sound at a rate four times faster than air, so it is easy to see how you, who are 70 percent water, can be deeply affected by sonic vibrations. Quartz crystal singing bowls can re-align your heart, spirit, mind and body.

I invite you to be transformed by the enchanting harmonic tones, the sounds of an angelic choir singing just for you. Experience deep surrender and relaxation. Journey to a place of renewal. Rest deeply in the center of your being. Restore your sense of peace and harmony. Come into perfect alignment as the sound waves move over you.

I enjoy how quartz crystal singing bowls can easily change our awareness and perceptions. In my experience, sound clears the space within, so you can expand and make new choices with clarity and creativity.

Music and quartz crystal bowls have been proven to positively affect the body, mind and psyche by slowing heart rate, improving memory and mood, reducing stress hormones, lowering blood pressure and more. Sound Healing works beautifully with other healing modalities such as Therapy, Coaching, and Bodywork.

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.”

— Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

Sound Healing works beautifully with other healing modalities such as counseling, coaching, bodywork and prayer.

You can join us for a Sound Healing Evening with Quartz Crystal Bowls Join us for a Sound Healing Evening with Quartz Crystal Bowls to de-stress your life and find a deep state of relaxation and renewal.


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