Maria Jansson
“Ritual is the passageway of the soul into the Infinite.”
— Algernon Blackwood

Ceremony and ritual are part of our very nature. It is a human need and instinct to come together to honor and commemorate significant events in our lives. It is part of our DNA and anchored in our earliest soul memories.

It offers us a way to relate intimately with the Source and allows us to embrace the divine power that informs and fuels all existence. Sacred Ceremony is a vital element in creating a deeper union with the Divine, and with one another as we celebrate in community.


Do you have a special event happening in your life?

Would you like to plan an empowerment ceremony for a baby shower, a bachelorette party, a menarche (first menstruation) ritual, baby blessing or any other celebrations?

As an ordained minister through Universal Life Church, I offer custom designed experiences and would be honored to assist you in the creation of a sacred experience.


Please email me so we can talk about your event and how I can help you.


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