"What a joy, to travel the way of the heart."

Maria Jansson

H ello, I am Maria and here to support you on your journey back to your heart and divine essence. There are several ways of working with me. We can work together in person or via Skype/phone:

Let your heart guide you to the right offering for this time. Sometimes a combination of all three sessions can be the right way to work together. Session packages are also available at a discounted rate. Feel free to send me an email with questions and we’ll find what’s best for you.
I can help you create a custom designed event and make it a sacred experience.

I offer group crystal singing bowl evenings in Ashland, OR. These evenings bring you into a deeper connection with you and your heart. Please find more information below:

“Thinking of my prayer session with Maria not only fills me with joy, but recalls a feeling of warmth and connectedness within me. With her calm and loving presence Maria creates a sacred and safe space where every feeling and every thought is welcome. I felt really seen by her. Her intuition goes right to the core. When Maria spoke the very personal prayer for me, weaving in my dearest wishes, I felt like I was sitting in a love-bath, and a space opened and expanded in me; peaceful and quiet. This session was one of the most nourishing experiences I ever had. It deeply touched my heart, my soul, and my being human. Through a traumatizing experience in my teenage years I lost trust in a divine being. I miss it. With her own connection to the divine, speaking this prayer for me, it feels like Maria helped me to clear some of the thickest fog, making the path back to my own experience of the divine palpable. Thank you so much for this unique and healing experience, Maria!”
— Sibylle Z.


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