“Love is the bridge between you and everything.”
— Rumi

Welcome, I’m so glad you are here.
I am holding a prayer for you. In this moment, may you discover the magnificent divine being you are and may this felt knowledge heal your heart and therefore our planet. You may already have had a long journey behind you, or this may be your starting point. Wherever you are on your individual path, you are coming home. As a spiritual counselor, non-denominational prayer practitioner and sound healer I am here to support your journey back to yourself.

I can guide you in healing your relationship with life, and finding your divine purpose through listening to your heart’s voice. I can help you to connect with your Source, the Divine Creator, who exists within and around you at all times.

Life is our divinity school. It is important to find a loving relationship with yourself, to discover you already are a divine and innocent being. Sometimes you may forget or not feel this about yourself because of experiences and conditioning. Have you been looking for a feeling of fulfillment and divinity through goals and accomplishments? You may be seeking outside of yourself for what you already are.

May you remember that you already are a spiritual being made of divine consciousness and light. You are not separate from the love that created you. Your heart’s voice is kindly waiting for you to remember. Your life can be a joyful expression of your unique divine qualities.

Let me help you reclaim yourself and finding the light within. I teach self-care practices that will guide you to find a peaceful place within and to listen to your sacred heart. From this heart centered place you can approach your relationship with life in a new and empowered way.

I offer healing prayer sessions, spiritual counseling, and sound healing.

Your divine spark has brought you to me. Are you ready to be the magnificent? Are you ready to be the one who you came to be?

I look forward to supporting your journey home to your heart.

All my love,

“Maria is a true healer. In our session, I experienced the presence of many angels surrounding and supporting me. Her messages for me were meaningful and helped me to feel the peace of my higher self and the support of Source. I left feeling renewed and full of faith to continue on the path of my heart. She is a divine feminine practitioner of the highest order and I highly recommend her.”
— Adena Tryon


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