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Blog September 2017


“Trust yourself.
Trust the pure openness of your Being.
Let the heart play the music of your Soul.”


Hello Beautiful Friends,

I hope this finds you well on your individual journey.
What an intense time we are living in right now. The energies are pushing us to grow even more, to come closer to our highest potential, to who we really are in our lives and in this changing world. It is a transformation and it is in turmoil right now.
My heart goes out in prayer to all those suffering in an area with wildfires, hurricanes, flooding or earthquakes. May you all find help and divinely guided solutions.

On one of those days in my own inner turmoil with questions lately, I remembered, again, that I usually find answers in the quiet, just with myself in prayer. Sometimes the crux seems to be that we forget what is so close and helpful because it was not in our upbringing or it is not part of our conditioning for so long. We seem to go around in circles again because our life is busy or we are afraid of what might come up emotionally, all of this happening unconsciously to some degree. But as soon as we find this moment where we start to reconnect with ourselves and remember what helps, the answers will arise, the calm state of mind will occur, coming up from a quiet place within, from stillness. We just have to go there, open to whatever might come up, whatever feeling might arise, whatever answer might be offered.

What I heard that day, answering some questions arising within me, I am offering here today. It may be helpful for all of us to be reminded over and over again by the gentle voice and this deeper knowledge within:

Trust is the base of our life now in this arising new paradigm of love, lead by unity consciousness, where duality and polarity with its base in fear will fall away – if we choose to.
Time is experienced less linear; feeling like it is passing by super fast while a moment can feel like ages. Have you been experiencing that it is difficult to plan ahead, that you forget things, that you can’t see the future clearly for yourself anymore but the next days seem clear?

That is the effect of this shift. As we can’t experience or plan ahead as easily as our dualistic mind is used to (and have to rely on lists and reminders as we are still living in this world), we are thrown back at ourselves and are invited to feel from within moment-to-moment, taking the next step according to what feels true to us. That is our base, our own connectedness with ourselves and the Divine, our inner wisdom, our inner heart voice, trusting that guidance will occur in the right moment, may it be a thought, a feeling, a vision or an image ….
We are divinely guided if we allow ourselves to surrender to the Divine, to trust even when it seems impossible.
Trust doesn’t mean to be naive. Trust means taking each step following our heart to our best ability in that moment while surrendering the outcome to the Divine and our spiritual helpers as we are creating our path in alignment with our inner guidance.
Our Divine Mother and Father, God, or whatever you call Source have our wellbeing at heart and everything evolving in our lives is for our highest evolution, a step on the way to a life full of joy, love and peace.

Thank you my heart and higher self for continuing to bless me with reminders and insights.
I hope this post offers you some helpful guidance, and if it does I hope you will share it with your friends and social media community.


“The inspiration you seek is already within you.
Be silent and listen.”


Chakra Clearing with Quartz Crystal Bowls and Prayer


I am thrilled to announce that I am in the process of producing and recording chakra clearing healing meditations for each of the chakras with quartz crystal bowls in combination with prayer. I will be speaking the meditation, the prayer and playing the bowls. I will send a note as soon as they are available on my website.

Crystal Bowls Healing Meditation

Have a blessed time!
All my love,