“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

Maria Jansson

“There is no love greater than love with no object. For then you, yourself, have become love itself.”

— Rumi

Maria is a spiritual counselor, non-dominational prayer practitioner, sound healer, and mom. Through her deep connection to Source, she can help you discover your own divinity and light through prayer and counseling. Her healing presence will help to ignite your discovery of your own true divine self and help you to find more of your light and who you already are.

She believes that prayer is a healing medicine because it helps you to come into alignment with your heart’s true voice and what needs healing.

Maria earned her Master of Education at University of Muenster, Germany and taught students for several years, becoming an educator and administrator for the masters program for student teachers. She holds certifications in Gestalt-Pedagogic (Fritz Pearls), Sound Healing with quartz crystal bowls (Sound Healing Academy) and Angel Therapy (Doreen Virtue). She also was trained and certified as an Emotional Facilitator, and this training brought her to the USA in 2012. She lives in Ashland, OR with her family.  Maria offers her services in person or via Skype to an international clientele.

My story:

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I was raised in a Catholic family and did not feel comfortable in the patriarchal belief system and strict organization. I distanced myself as a young adult from this religion. I knew life was supposed to feel different than I experienced it in my difficult childhood. I have always felt connected to the Divine and asked questions about who am I and why am I here.

Dedicated to healing, truth and spirituality, I started my own spiritual journey of healing. I have experienced and studied several healing paradigms, receiving the best of what they had to offer and applying it for my own growth. I have also studied and experience in family constellation work (Bert Hellinger), talk therapy, Biodanza (a form of movement therapy) and inner child work. Through all these experiences, I discovered more of myself but something was still missing.

Eventually in 2008, I found a spiritual healing paradigm that confirmed my belief that being human, a person, is spiritual in and of itself. This resonated deeply with me because I had always felt this way even in other lifetimes.  Finally, it seemed like I had found a home for my connection with the Divine. I followed my divine purpose and moved with my family from Germany to the US for further studies.

The paradigm helped me to heal more of my wounding, and I opened my channels to the Divine even more. In 2013, I experienced an awakening event, which left me with a deep feeling of oneness and connectedness to the Divine, finding more of who I am. I really felt in depth how everything around and within us is love, and that every creation emanated from this source has a soul that expresses itself: the trees, the birds, the space, the flowers, and everything around us is love. Everything was speaking to me. Love is where we are all arising from.

This feeling of love within and around me stayed with me for a long time, but through several life experiences it retreated as existential fears became my main feeling of existence. Furthermore in 2015, due to abusive behaviour and lack of integrity in the leadership the spiritual healing paradigm, I was deeply involved with and committed to, dissolved in an instant. This left me in a devastating spiral of physical, financial, emotional and spiritual collapse, where I was forced to let go of everything. In that moment it felt like I would never see the light again. The darkness was so great. I surrendered to the unconditional love of my friends and family, which gave me the courage and strength to find once again the light of who I am, to feel I am love, and that I am worth love.

Having overcome many challenges in life, I am well versed in personal transformation, having taken negative beliefs and traumatic experiences and completely transmuted and transformed them into positive growth. I am grateful for the difficult lessons and the joyous ability to heal because they have prepared me to guide others in their own healing and transformation.

Today, I understand that we don’t need a guru or outer authority telling us who we are or who we are supposed to be; we can find all of that inside ourselves. Our higher self already knows all the answers and has the wisdom we are seeking on the outside. We are already whole. It is just a matter of re-discovering it.

I walk the path every day. I am love in essence; I am a creation of the Divine, our Divine Mother and Father, my Source.

I want to guide you on your journey to find who you are, heal your heart, and discover your dreams for you life.
We are living in the golden age of miracles; a time of the return of the Divine Feminine, and we are all invited to discover our essence in this great revolution on earth.
This delightful, sometimes arduous journey is an incredible opportunity because it is you and your light that you find at the end of the tunnel, even when you can’t see the light quite yet.

And I am here to help you.


  • Gestalt pedagogue – Fritz Pearls
  • Sound healing with quartz crystal bowls – Sound Healing Academy
  • Certified emotional facilitator
  • Angel-Therapy (ATP) – Doreen Virtue  (expected July 2017)


  • Self-Mastery for Spiritual Channels – Kaia Ra


  • Master of Education, University of Muenster, Germany and Dusseldorf

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“When I had my session with Maria, I felt so much invited into a quiet, love filled space, in which I can just say everything and feel everything without being judged or questioned about what I share. For me, her loving presence, her calming voice, as well as her very palpable connection to the Divine was balm for my soul and reminded me of my own innate connection with the divine. Her prayer, which she formulated after we spoke about the life issues I was asking support for, found its way deep into my being and resonated there with me. The beauty of the prayer she offered me is something I can recall over and over again by just remembering that I can always ask the Divine for support and guidance. I can highly recommend Maria’s services for anyone who is seeking for her/his own, very personal, individual connection with her/his own divinity.”
— Christina P.


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